Review : Bag Balm

Most of us don’t have any idea about this product but apparently its quite effective product compared to vaseline or petroleum jelly. I have no idea where I read about this product but apparently they are very impressive on cracked feet or even on babies. It is one of the products which was introduced for animals 😀 like pets, cows and horses and then the humans realized that it has a good effect on them as well 🙂 . It was found in 1899 🙂 .

I got this when I got the itching on my pregnant belly 🙂 . I just couldn’t stop scratching and it was quite embarrassing. So while I was looking for the treatment, in one of the pregnancy forum most of the ladies were recommending this product. So I thought it might be a good idea to get it and try it. I got them in my local QFC for about $ 6.50 for 10 ounces and that is a lot of product . It was quite inexpensive.

It has the consistency of a Vaseline but its way better 🙂 . I realized that when you apply it on the skin, it just melts into it. It is not as greasy or sticky as petroleum jelly. The ingredients listed in the products are 8-hydroxy quinoline, sulfate 0.3% in a petroleum lanolin base. For a chapped or dry skin, it says to massage throughly and let it sink.

After about 2 application on my dry, itchy tummy, I noticed that I was feeling much better and my skin was improving. So within 2 weeks, my tummy has completely stopped itching 🙂 . Hubby uses this as well as he cycles a lot. It has become one of the basic first aid product in my collection. If there are any dry patches in my body, I straight away go for this product as I know that this will work perfectly. I am even going to use this on my baby for its bum 🙂 .

I think this is one of the product that you need it in your first aid or even your vanity table 😀 .


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