Pregnancy Tales : Gestational Diabetes

As I moved into the third Trimester, they do the test for gestational diabetes during 24-28 weeks pregnancy. Gestational Diabetes is pretty common in south asian woman and that is what the doctor told me. It is basically based on your genetics, so if your parents have diabetes, you are most likely to have gestational diabetes and the good thing is, it will go away after pregnancy but you are prone to Diabetes in your future πŸ™‚ .

So they did the test during my 26th week, the first test is that after you get up in the morning, you drink a bottle of the glucose drink they give you and then arrive at the lab just before an hour to draw the blood. They will check the blood sugar level and if its more that 140 then you must take the 3 hr test where you drink the glucose every hour and they draw blood every hour 😦 . Doesn’t it sound exciting? πŸ™„ . I wasn’t looking forward for the needles.

Anyhoos, the next day the nurse called me to confirm that I didn’t eat anything before the test and told me that my blood sugar is way too high like 199 😦 , so I get to go straight to the Fetal Medicine clinic. So during my first visit to the Fetal medicine clinic, I was introduced to a Diabetes Nurse and she keep an eye on me every week. Because Gestational diabetes is just for 3 months, they have very restricted diet and keep in mind that the diet is very different from the normal diabetes person.

So during the first day with the Nurse, she told me what to eat and how much to eat and let me tell you I was shocked to learn how little I was supposed to eat 😦 . Basically I need to have Breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 snack breaks in between. And I was introduced to Carb counting 😦 . I needed to have only 60 gm of carb per meal which is really quite small 😦 . About one cup of rice is 45 Carb, can you believe it? Do you even know how little is one cup :roll:. She also told me that I can have a lot of vegetables and that doesn’t count in my diet. I also needed to incorporate protein in my diet and thankfully I am not a vegetarian which helps.

I am having lot of chicken or even meat but moving on to the vegetarian protein like dhal, it has carbs as well 😦 . But if I stick with beans like kidney bean or chana, then it is ok as well. The first week was really tough on me with the carb counting and I realised that I was hungry even after I finished eating. The snack in between the meals comprises of nuts, cheese sticks or even a cup of tea but with splenda. I hate artificial sweetners 😦 . After about 6 week of this diet, I finally got the hang of what to eat.

I absolutely have to avoid DESSERTS 😦 and I was so craving for sweet during these weeks like maybe chocolate cake or even Indian sweets like gulab jamun or even kajar ka halwa 😦 . God, I even dreamed of having them and some days I am so desperate to have a dessert that I feel like crying 😦 . It is really tough on me and I am counting days till the birth and I told hubby that after I am free of this diabetes, I am going to go and binge myself on dessert and chinese food πŸ™‚ .

My breakfast usually comprises of 2 bread + peanut butter. Lunch is usually leftover from the previous dinner and for dinner we try to cook at home so that its easy to count the carbs and we know what I am eating. Hubby is following my diet as well and he is eating cereal on the side which I can’t eat 😦 . I am missing my dose of cereal as well 😦 . God, I miss food and I am absolutely sick of bread because that is all I eat if I don’t have anything to eat.

Apart from this, I am taking the medicine to lower my blood sugar and also check my blood sugar level at least 4 times a week which means I have a glucose meter and I have to prick my finger to get the blood and check my blood glucose level πŸ™„ , another needle episode. Some days I am so hungry that I get angry and cranky and I can’t help myself with the cravings. But I am trying my best to control myself but I do go overboard at least once in 2 weeks which is also bad 😦 .

I am still trying different types of food to see which will suit me. I found that pancakes or even dosa doesn’t agree with me. I love soup but finding a good soup in the shop is getting difficult. I also love to snack on cookies or biscuits but then I can’t do that now. So snacking is like a torture for me, I hate the constant dose of nuts and cheese string. I basically started losing appetite whenever I think of food during this time which is difficult because I need to eat for the baby and also to keep my blood sugar good. I can’t skip food because it will spike my blood sugar level and it is not good for the baby.

So this have been my life during the past 6 weeks, I know that most of the ladies are ok with it and maybe you won’t mind it but I am finding it difficult without eating myΒ favoriteΒ food. But I guess it’s just 7 more week or even less πŸ™‚ . So I guess I can control myself.


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