Pregnancy Tales : More complications & Birth

After about 8 days of being in a bed rest, I just couldn’t take it. I was really feeling restless and I was counting the days for the birth 🙂 . I went to do NST on 24th Jan which was twice a week then. This time the nurse found a drop in the baby’s heart beat 😦 . It was like that for 4 min which raised a concern and they put me in an oxygen for sometime so that the baby can get some oxygen for the heart beat to go up. After consulting with my ob-gyn, my diabetic doctor decided that it would be best for me to go the labor ward for observation again 😦 .

So there I went again to the labor ward for the observation for about 5 hrs, the on-call doctor came and saw that my baby’s heart rate did drop one more time in between so she told me that I am going to stay till they know why its happening. Of course, they had to stick a IV needle in me 🙄 . I don’t understand why they need to stick the needle even though they are not giving me any IV fluids. Apparently, its for emergencies so that they don’t need to search for the vein during that time 😦 . The baby had 3 more episodes during the next 3 days and I also had some contractions during this time.

So during my 4th day stay, both my ob-gyn and diabetic docter decided that it was better for the baby if I stay till I give birth 😦 . So I stayed in the hospital for about 8 days. I was still in my 35th week then and the doctors wanted me to be in 36th week when I give birth. So began the stay in the hospital. I was in the bed 24 hrs attached to the baby monitor and by the 4th day, I was just sick of sitting in the bed. But I have to say that at least the food was good 🙂 .

So finally, the doctors had a plan. They will do the growth check on the baby on 31st Jan and then will induce the baby on 4th Feb. So I was just counting days to get out of the hospital. Meanwhile, of course, they had to change my IV needle every 4 days 🙄 which is again painful. Everything went according to the plan. Hubby went to work everyday in the morning and came straight to the hospital from the office and then went back home late at night to feed the cats. I was really worried about my cats as there was no one throughout the day in the house and I knew that they won’t like that.

So even though we had a plan, our baby was ready to be born on Feb 1st 🙂 . My water broke by 6.10 pm and my contractions started within 10 min. Then the doctor who is on call came and gave us an option of going for natural birth and if the baby is distressed then C-section or straight to c-section. We told him that we want what the best for the baby. So after watching the monitor he suggested c-section as he could see that if I have strong contraction then the baby’s heart rate dropped. So we went with c-section.

The surgery was on 10 pm but by 9.30 I was having full blown contraction with just 30 sec apart 😦 and I was in pain. They told me that they will give the epidural only during the surgery so there I was in the delivery room having contractions for 30 min and I was tired because of the pain. I was just swearing throughout the contractions 🙂 . So finally they took me to the operation theater and then gave me the epidural followed by an change in the IV needle as the one in my hand was not working properly 🙄 . But by that time, I was in a daze and tired because of the pain and the epidural. Finally my baby was born at 10:10 pm 😀 .

Hubby was with me in the operation theater and once the baby was out, he was with her all the time. She was screaming when she came out 😀 and she had a loud voice.  But she was just so tiny as she was just about born during my 36th week. They took her weight and then wrapped in a blanket and gave her to my hubby. Once they showed her to me, they took her to the NICU. Since she was born before 37 weeks, she is a preterm baby. So they keep her in NICU for about 6 hrs for observation where they check for the lung function, her eating and her breathing.

They took me back to my room by 10.45 pm and the doctor said that it was the right decision doing the c-section as they didn’t want the baby to be distressed when born 🙂 . I was so tired and the epidural was still working on me so I didn’t feel below my waist. Hubby was with me all the time and I am so thankful that it happened when he was with me. So the next morning they bought the baby back to our room saying that she passed her 6 hrs test 🙂 . She weighed about 4 pounds 3 ounces which is small. But she has big eyes and everybody in the NICU loved her as she just looks at you and it seems that she is concentrating on whatever you are saying to her 🙂 .

So once the epidural wore off, I realised that my stitches were starting to itch and it was uncomfortable to get up or even sit up. It took me 24 hrs for me to get up and stand without fainting 🙂 and it took hubby and a nurse for me to stand up. Then within 48 hrs I was able to go for a little walk and of course, I was prescribed the pain killer and without them I would not be able to move my legs. We were discharged within 48 hrs and we came home 😀 . We have named her Ananya which means unique 😀 .

Funny thing happened. My mom preponed her visit to Seattle so that she could be here for my baby’s birth and she booked her ticket on 2nd Feb 😀 . Of course, by the time she was born, mom was already on the flight 😀 . So when hubby went to pick her up from the airport, I told him not to tell her about the birth as I wanted to surprise her 😀 . So my mom came to visit me straight from the airport thinking she was just coming to see me and when she entered the room, I was just holding my baby 😀 and she was like, “She already came out?” 😀 . She had a surprise alright 😀 .

So that readers is what happened during my last days of pregnancy and birth. It was quite eventful alright. Poor hubby was so tired with all the travelling to the office, hospital and home. Both me and Ananya are doing fine. I am still resting and sleeping a lot but have to get up every 3 hrs to feed her. I might do some Baby tales series in the future but I will probably continue with the product reviews very soon. I  have about 10 products ready to be reviewed.


4 thoughts on “Pregnancy Tales : More complications & Birth

  1. kalyani says:

    Ananya….miss awesome eyes..
    though in the distant future i can see ,u would have a tough time managing her fans in college..congrats charan ON the arrival of your bundle of joy…the fact that u are blogging shows u are slowly bouncing back to a normal(new)routine..the kind of ordeal u had to go through…is unimaginable…very glad that u have ur mom with u…take care and wish u happy days ahead..

    • Charan says:

      thank you ma’am. I have very little time to blog or even check facebook but I love blogging so I try to do it atleast once in 3-4 days. It is busy with a new baby with all the 3 hrs feeding, at least I don’t have to worry about feeding myself 😀 as mom takes care of me. Hubby is already ready with the shotgun 😀 and everybody is teasing him about keep ananya locked up till she is 30 😀

  2. nithya says:

    Hey Charan,
    Congrats to you once again. I for somereason thought she was due in March. Any way all’s well now. Ananya is a doll! Ask anybody ,each would have a very diff pregnancy story..most important is to have fun with you little one.
    Say hi to mom..I will call u after few days
    Cheers and take care


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