Bargain Alert #11

Remember me telling you all about the bed rest at home during 3rd week of Jan, I was completely going crazy sitting at home and I had this itch to shop 🙂 . So I decided to shop online in one of my long time favorite browsing site 😀 . I decided to get some stuffs which I wanted to try for a long time. If you are a bargain lover then this website is definitely for you. Check out allcosmeticswholesale .

so I ordered them on 20th night and it was delivered on 25th 😀 . It was certainly a fast delivery and the company is in Washington state 🙂 . I love that they have different brands and they sell it less than the shops/drugstores. They also have limited edition products which you can’t find it anymore but it is expensive and for people who love to get their hands on them, it is a perfect place to get. All the products in this website are genuine. They also have the high end products which is comparatively less than the original price and I was just drooling on lot of products 🙂 .

so I got my hands on the following items:

  • Loreal voluminous carbon black mascara
  • Maybelline Mineral Power foundation in Medium 3
  • The Balm, Time balm concealer in Medium
  • Loreal Hip Cream blush in Enamoured
  • Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment (not in the picture)

Since all these products cost me about $ 40, they sent me a free Lancome Lip liner in Mauvelle 😀 . I love this lip liner and I am using them all the time. I am very happy with the pricing and the selection of the products. If you ask me the only con to this website would be the shipping price which is about $ 7.50 which is a lot of these products which doesn’t weigh much and of course, the tax 😦 and that is because the company is in the same state which I live. Other than that, I would definitely buy more from this website in the near future 🙂 .


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