Motherhood Tales : Beginning

Its been nearly 3 weeks since I have become a mother and it feels strange 🙂 . I cannot believe that I am a mother or that I am responsible for such a tiny human being 🙂 . The first week after coming home was difficult as I had to adjust to waking up every 3 hrs to feed the baby. Thank God, I had help in the form of hubby and my mom. Hubby did most of the feeding and changing the baby whereas I was busy recovering from my c-section. I needed help even to get out of the bed and I was taking pain medication to stop the pain.

The first week was difficult and it took me time to get used to the change in my sleeping patten. I was tired all the time and all I wanted to do was sleep 🙂 . I know that this was especially due to the recovery after birth. I was still sore near the c-section area. I couldn’t touch the baby as I was so scared that I would drop her and hurt her. It took me nearly 4 days for me to hold her and that too with 2 blankets around her.

I am still amazed at most of the time that such a tiny human had come out of me. By the second week, we had shifts for taking care of the baby but I still needed help in getting out of the bed and that was difficult because I was depending on hubby to get me out of the bed even to go to the bathroom and I was still taking the pain medication but I have decreased it to twice a day. This was the time where the tape in the c-section have started to itch 😦 and believe me, its irritating.

Baby A has put on weight by the 2nd week which we were so happy about. I was starting to get better by week 3. I stopped taking the pain medication and I could get out of the bed on my own. I was even handing my baby with confidence 🙂 . But its been tiring and I finally understood why mothers are always tired 😀 . During week 3, the baby had been cranky for a day or two which led to her crying non-stop for about 20 min which made me stressed. Finally we found that it was just gas pains.

Baby A had been getting lot of gifts from all our friends, Never realized how expensive having a baby is 😀 . You always hear about it from other mothers but you always think that you can deal with it but in reality, you are overwhelmed. There is so much stuffs you need to buy and my advice to future mothers are that you need to save some money before you have the baby 🙂 .

Moving on to my kitties, the first day after we bought the baby home they just sniffed her and went off. But by week 2, they felt confident enough that they are willing to sit near her and sleep. My blackie (Bujju) is completely confident and even when the baby cries, he is just curious to know why she is making so much noise. But my tabby (Bommu) is completely different, he gets stressed when the baby cries and he just comes near her to see why she is in pain and he gets concerned. He gets upset and it makes me feel guilty 🙂 . Then we end up petting him and consoling him.

For the first week, they were upset as nobody payed much attention to them and they couldn’t understand why we kept their food in an automatic feeder instead of us going and placing their food. Within a week, Bommu was sick. He was sneezing a lot and in about 2 days, we could see that his eyes were watering so we had to take him to the vet. The vet said that he has cold and its due to the stress in the house 🙂 . Stress because of the baby and change in the pattern in the home. I was pretty upset about it as well.

Look at them sleeping on top of the box in our bedroom

Sometimes, its difficult to cope with the change in the situation and I feel lost and kept thinking how am I going to manage alone once my mom goes back home. But I guess it will all change, I will get used to it and probably will be confident once I recover fully 😀 .

Anyway, I am just fascinated by how much a baby can change in a matter of weeks. I am still recovering and feeling tired most of the time. Hopefully, I will get better in a month 🙂 .


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