Review : Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Lip Color

I got this long time ago in Debenhams clearance for about € 1 . I thought it would be great to try a new product. It’s about $ 9. I got it in the color 60 Stellar Sunrise which is a shimmery coral and I thought it would look good on me 🙂 or maybe I should say that for € 1, it doesn’t matter 😀 .

The packaging is so sleek and the applicator has a sponge tip. The formulation is the weirdest thing I have ever tried. It is called the liquid lipstick in USA and the first time I applied it, I absolutely hated it. It has a sticky formula which when applied on the lips tries to dries up soon and if your lips are little bit dry, it gets settled into the wrinkles 😦 . It looked like I had the worst lips ever and I hated the formula. So the next time, I exfoliated my lips followed by application of lip balm. And when I applied the lip color, I still hated it. It makes my lips so dry.

The color is not bad though 🙂 . The pigmentation is good as well. At first, it applies like a lip gloss and it dries up quickly. So unless you have the perfect smoothest lips, don’t even dare to apply this one.

I don’t think its worth buying 🙂 . I prefer the normal lip gloss because atleast I would use it a lot. So I would rather you buy other Revlon’s lip products rather than this one 🙂 .


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