Review : Maybelline Lip Liner

I got this lip liner in Red a long time ago in the clearance section for about $ 4.50 . I have always wanted to get one red lip liner in my collection as I do have about 2 red lipsticks and it would be fantastic if I have a red lip liner as well. Since it was on clearance, I decided to try this one 🙂 .

The packaging is a simple pencil with a cap. The color is more like a maroon red rather than true red and once you apply it on your lips, it darkens more due to the natural lip color. The formulation is good and the pencil glides smoothly on your lips. It does tug a little bit but it’s not bad 🙂 .

I don’t know if I will buy this lip liner brand again since it retails about $ 7 . And somehow, I don’t think its worth that money. You can get Jordana lip liner for just about $ 2 and they are pretty good 🙂 . Will I buy this again? YES, if I get them for less than $ 2, otherwise I would stick with Jordana lip liners 😀 .


2 thoughts on “Review : Maybelline Lip Liner

  1. Ripu says:

    Hey Charan,

    I am a regular on blog and cxame through your blog while searching for a product review.
    I am from India as well, I thought I am the only girl on blog who is Indian.
    Nice to see that you are running your own blog, very good.


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