Nail #36 : Wet n Wild Nail Polish

I got the color Gray’s Anatomy in Walgreens for about $ 1.99 . This is one of the limited edition color which is suppose to be a dupe of the expensive brand Deborah Lippmann 🙂 . As soon as the beauty bloggers started talking about this nail polish, there was a shortage in the drugstore 😀 . Everyone wanted to have this color as it’s a unique one. When I was visiting Walgreens a while back, I saw the last bottle of this nail polish and decided to grab this before it goes of the shelf. I still couldn’t capture the true color of this nail polish in my camera. But if you want to see the photo of other bloggers then check out this and this.

How to describe the color to you? It has a base of pale grey lilac color with a duo-chrome effect of blue, green and pale pink. It is very sheer though. I had 2 coats of this nail polish but I could still see the nails 🙂 . The formulation is quite good. It applies smoothly and the brush doesn’t streak which is fantastic. It is such a unique color but not so in your face which is always the case of unique colors 🙂 . I really LOVE this color. The moment you spot this bottle you will know what I mean.


3 thoughts on “Nail #36 : Wet n Wild Nail Polish

  1. this colour looks sooo gorgeous with its different colours in it! Reminds me a lot of Essence “Where is the party” and Catrice “Iron Mermaiden”. Check them out 😉

    • Charan says:

      I visited your blog and saw the Essence ” where is the party” but somehow it looks more purple base than grey base.

  2. I love “Gray’s Anatomy”! Try this polish over a black base. Some duo- and multi-chromes require a black polish base to make them opaque and pop. You can also try it over other dark colors to get different effects/colors. Hope this helps.

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