Review : SMH Eyeshadow

I ordered some products the Starmakeuphaven last year so they sent me an eyeshadow as a gift πŸ™‚ . They sent me Frenzy eye shadow which is a shimmery brown, almost a silvery brown. They are so pigmented and incredibly smooth. These usually retail for about $ 6 .

It was packaged in an individual plastic and it is in the pan form. You need a palette for this one, you can either go for the cheaper option like ELF or you can even get empty palettes from their website itself. The color is one the neutrals where it will be good for doing smokey eyes. I used this as an all over color with a brown eyeliner on my waterline as well as on upper lashes.

I definitely like these brand of eye shadows but I am not crazy about the color because of my pigmented eyelids. But would love to try other colors but then again I am not crazy about the price but if I find them on sale then I will definitely buy them πŸ™‚ .


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