Review : Wet n Wild Gel Eyeliner

I got this gel liner in black last summer for about $ 3 (I think) in Riteaid . After hearing the raves about it by beauty bloggers. I so much wanted to get my hands on it but I couldn’t find it for a long time. It was always sold out during the sale time so I decided to buy them for the full price. I was so excited when I found this.

The packaging looks little bit cheap and moving on to the formulation, I am NOT impressed. It also comes with a eyeliner brush which is bad. The first time I used the eyeliner, it was ok, it was little dry, not at all creamy as so many beauty bloggers was saying. So I decided to give it a chance to see maybe if I was using it wrongly. So the next time I opened the lid and dipped my brush, I realised that it had dried up 😦 . Common, I have not even used it. I was so disappointed by it.

Where had all the creaminess had gone? What happened? Did I not close the lid properly? Or is it the product which is at fault? It’s not as if it was winter for the product to dry up, it was summer for heaven’s sake. I just didn’t know but all I knew was that I was disappointed. It just turned so hard. One of the YouTuber said that it was a problem in some product and she suggested to scrape off the top layer so that you can see the creamy eyeliner. I still haven’t tried it but I will in the near future and will tell you if it worked or not.


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