Motherhood Tales : Things to buy

I know that lot of first time parents have this question in their mind of what to get before the baby is born. I researched a lot before buying stuffs. But it’s mostly about what the baby needs the most. Also you can get baby stuffs from your friends and family like clothes, car seat, crib and bouncers. If they don’t have them, you can always buy them second-hand. Believe me, you don’t need a lot of new clothes as the baby will outgrow it in about 2-3 months. And also remember that you will at least change their clothes 3-4 time depending on how much they spit 😀 .

So I am going to talk about stuffs that I bought and stuffs I got as gifts as well. Remember that you will have a lot of visitors after the baby arrives and of course, they will be bringing gifts, mostly clothes. So don’t buy any fancy clothes as you will certainly receive them as gifts. Buy things which you will use daily and I am going to list some of them at the end. I will also talk about stuffs you don’t need.

For people living in USA, you have a baby registry in most of the shops and you can add whatever you want and then send the link to your friends and colleagues so that they will buy them instead of them getting clothes or whatever they find 🙂 . It is the best thing to do and I found that Amazon has some of the best deals and most of the stuffs have free shipping.

Things you need to get before the baby arrives

  1. Car seat. I never realized that there are different types of car seat for babies according to their weight 🙂 . So keep in mind that if your baby weighs less, you definitely need to buy Chico brand which is what the hospital recommends and you will use them for at least 9 months depending on how quick your baby gains weight.
  2. Car seat stroller frame. Mostly everybody goes for the travel pack system which has the car seat and the stroller because they are cheap but keep in mind that the stroller in those set are heavy and not practical. So buy these for few months as its light weight and easy to use. Then you can buy a light weight stroller which is easy for travel.
  3. Fisher-Price Newborn Rock n Play Sleeper. I think this is for mom who wants their newborn to be in the same room as them, this is the best option or you could always tell your hubby to go and sleep in the other room 😆 . You don’t want a huge crib in your bedroom and sometimes you won’t even have space for a crib. So I think this is the best option till they are at least 4 months old or when the baby starts to sleep throughout the night 🙂 .
  4. Baby blankets. At least 2 since you won’t know when the baby will throw up on them 🙂 .
  5. Receiving blankets. They are thinner than the baby blankets mostly made of cotton and they are great for wrapping around the baby or even spread them beneath the baby while laying down. I found that you need at least 6 of these since they keep spitting on them as well or even will have accidents while changing the nappy 🙂 .
  6. Swaddler. They are the best invention ever 😀 . My baby sleeps peacefully and even longer if we wrap her in it. Definitely you need 2 of these. You have in a fleece material for winter and cotton for summer. They feel safe if you bind their hands while sleeping and they have deep sleep as well 🙂 . Buy small size.
  7. Playsuit. In Ireland these are called onsies and these are very common but when I went for baby clothes shopping here, I found that onsies are without legs 🙂 . If its winter, then you need the playsuit which will cover the baby from top to toe. Buy at least 6 of them for 0-3 months. You will notice that these will be big but if you go for the newborn option then it will get smaller within 2 weeks and it also depends on the babies weight. Remember that the newborn clothes are for babies who weight upto 6 lbs.
  8. Onsies. If you bought these type of clothes then remember you need to buy pants along with them followed by socks and mittens 😀 .  Newborn babies get very cold quickly so they always need to be warm all the time. Their extremities are the first to get cold and this will lead to the baby crying 🙂 . So buy atleast 6 onsies, 6 pants, 6 socks and 6 mittens 😀 . The mittens also prevents the baby from scratching their face since their nails grows really fast. Size 0-3 months.
  9. Fleece jackets. This is for winter and you will definitely need this since you will be going out to visit the pediatrician. Buy at least 2 if you go out often.   Size 0-3 months.
  10. Sweater. If its summer you will definitely need this when you go out.
  11. Cap. You definitely need this for winter. Buy at least 3-4 since you need to cover the babies head of you go out in the cold.
  12. Burp clothes. You definitely need these on your shoulder when your babies is ready to burp since they sometimes throw up and you don’t want them to throw up on you 😀 . Buy at least a dozen. They are made of the terry cotton.
  13. Bips. If you think you will use these then buy them in the terry cotton material. I made the biggest mistake of buying fancy ones which had writing on them but they are not very practical since they have a plastic sheet inside of them and they don’t absorb the spit at all. So I am left with atleast a dozen non-practical bips 😦 .
  14. Diapers. You definitely need them before the baby arrives home 🙂 . I got the Pamper baby dry for newborn which had about 272 diapers 😀 . Believe me, it will only last for 2-3 weeks. You can always go for the cheapest brand or even stock up during the sale.
  15. Nappy rash cream. It is definitely a must. There are a lot of brands out there but I found that the A+D brand is the best. Other brand of nappy cream when applied looks so white that it doesn’t go off easily while cleaning but A+D brand is easier to remove. Buy 1 of these.
  16. Baby Wipes. Definitely a must. Go for the cheaper option. you can always find them on sale or if you are in USA, then get the Kirkland baby wipes from costco. They are definitely worth the money.
  17. Carter’s keep me dry quilted multi use pads. They are the waterproof changing mats which can also be washed in the washing machine. They are better because the normal changing pads have plastic sheet on top and the baby feels cold when you lay on top of them.
  18. Towels and wash clothes. Wash clothes are best for just wetting and then wiping all the sticky milk on their face and you can always wipes their whole body if you decide to skip their bath 🙂 .
  19. Bottles. It doesn’t matter if you feed them formula or breast milk, you definitely need these 🙂 . Most the ladies usually pump the breast milk so that it will be easier for others to feed  the baby while the mom is resting 🙂 . I got the Dr. Brown’s newborn feeding set which has 5 bottles. You can always choose some other brand if you think that is the best 🙂 . But you need at least 4 bottles regardless.
  20. Medela Breast milk storage pack. These have about 12 bottles which can hold 80 ml each. This is a must if you are going to pump breast milk. You can always go for other brands 🙂 .
  21. Enfamil standard flow disposable nipples. They are great to just attach to the breast milk storage bottles instead of transferring the milk to other bottle 🙄 . Even though they say its disposable. I use them for atleast a week before throwing them off. So its worth while to buy them for the first few months. If your breast milk storage bottle can hold 5 ounces then you can easily use these nipples till they are 3 months old.
  22. Lansinoh disposable nursing pad. You definitely need them when you are breast-feeding.
  23. Nursing bra
  24. Non-fragrant dish washing soap. It’s for washing those bottles and nipples. I prefer this as it’s for a newborn, I will slowly start using the normal dish washing soap in the future.
  25. Microwave sterilizer. It’s for the bottles as they are quick and effective. Use these after you wash the bottles with the soap.
  26. Formula. I would definitely advice the mom to feed the formula once a day so that the baby can get used to other flavors than breast milk. This will make it easy when you want to stop breast-feeding and it will also give you a break since someone else can feed the baby.
  27. Brita water filter. If you are going to give the formula then you definitely need these. I find that these are cheaper than getting bottled water. And also the baby has to get used to the normal water.
  28. Baby hair brush and nail cutter. Definitely a must.
  29. Baby head to toe wash
  30. Baby lotions
  31. Diaper bag. Definitely needed if you go out since you will need a lot of things like extra clothes 🙂 .
  32. Pacifier. A boon to the mother 😀 . I read that sometimes the baby just need to suck on something and not drink the milk. They will cry and we mistake them as being hungry and just feed them. So remember that if your baby cries inbetween their feed then you definitely need to give them these.
  33. Organic coconut oil. Don’t even bother to buy the baby oil which is just a mineral oil and they do nothing for the baby’s skin and hair. You can use them for massaging the baby and then use the chick pea flour or besan to remove the oil completely while bathing.

Remember not to go overboard on getting clothes for the baby as they will grow very quickly. And you will get them as a gift as well. Extra stuff which you can buy are the cribs and bouncer. Other extras being humidifier, I found that these are great for winter. We tend to put on the heater during winter which leads to dry air which leads to dry nose, these are perfect during those time. The baby will sleep comfortably if you put them on during winter.

It all depends on the baby’s needs. Some of the things which are just waste of money are Bottle warmer, wipe warmer 🙄 , expensive stroller and fancy clothes. So if you think you need something other than those found in the list then think carefully before buying. Do you really NEED this? And then if yes, you go ahead and buy them. Some of the things you can always buy them later.

But keep in mind to get the basics before the baby arrives since you will be busy for atleast 2 weeks. I understand that you want to pick some stuffs rather than telling your hubby to pick them up. Keep most of them ready 4 weeks before delivery. You will also get tired quickly during those last 4 weeks. And who knows the baby might come early as well 🙂 . So be prepared. Talk to your friends who has babies, they will give you excellent advices based on their experience.

Hopefully I covered everything. Happy Shopping 😀


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