Nail #37 : Maybelline Express Finish

I got this in the color Go Go Green in the clearance section in Target for $ 2 . As the name suggests, it’s a light green in color and I didn’t have this particular shade of green so I decided to go ahead and try them 🙂 . Since the starting of this year, I was so busy that I haven’t painted my nails for a long time. And after Baby A is born, it is difficult to find time to paint my nails. And what do you know? Whenever I try to paint my nails, she starts crying 🙄 .

Moving on, I cannot decide whether I like the formulation or not. When I applied the first coat, it was streaky with streaks all over the nails and I absolutely hated it. But after the second coat, it was not bad. But still streaks were visible. Maybe its the brush or maybe it was this particular shade, I don’t know. Since this is my first nail polish from this brand, I can’t compare the brush to other colors.

Moving on to the good part, I absolutely LOVE this color 😀 . I just couldn’t stop admiring the color in the day light. It has a base color of light green and shimmers of lemon yellow in them. I just cannot describe this color to the fullest. Its has a duochrome effect. I think of all the green color I have, this is my favourite 🙂 .


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