Review : Estee Lauder Hydra Luster Lipstick

I got this in Plum Amethyst in CCO in Seattle last summer for about $ 12 . I have always wanted to try them and what better way than to check them out in CCO and not pay the full retail price 🙂 . Somehow I always gravitate towards plums and pinks. I have so many in that color range like shades of pinks and plums 😀 .

The packaging is the first thing you notice about these lipsticks. I loved it. It is a metal with grooves on them. The formulation is perfect, no wonder people prefer high-end brands 🙂 . You can feel the difference as soon as you apply them. It just glides on your lips like a lip balm and the pigmentation is just perfect. It doesn’t dry your lips and your lips looks perfect. If you apply a gloss over then its like a perfect night wear 🙂 . The color is like a plumy purple which I don’t have 😀 .

When I got this lipstick, I was obsessed with this. I wore them every time I went out 🙂 . It suits my medium skin tone just perfectly. I haven’t found this particular color in their website. I think these are the discontinued colors of this brand which is sad. But you can always find them in CCO. I somehow think this color will suit all types of skin color. This is one of those color which is brighten up your face 🙂 . If you want to get a high-end lipsticks in your collection then this brand is definitely one you have to check out.


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