My Fragrance Collection

The new perfume made me realize that it a wonderful idea to talk about perfumes. I remember that I was using a lot of deodorants during my college days never realizing that I was allergic to some chemical in deodorants 😦 and within 3 years, my underarms got darkened and the skin started itching and finally it peels when ever I used them 😦 . So I switched to perfume since I could spray them on my dress and not on my skin.

I have always liked fresh scents or probably I should say mild scents since strong scents gives me headache 🙂 . I remember my first strong perfume and it was called “Poison” which was in a Sapphire blue-bottle 🙂 . But my mom always had Jovan Musk which I like as well. Then I had some Eau De Cologne which I LOVE 🙂 . I did start getting different perfume only after I moved to Dublin 🙂 . So these are my fragrance collection. I will talk about the stuffs which I love and don’t prefer (I refuse to say the word HATE 😀 ).

Perfumes I love

  1. JLo Glow – This is my 2nd bottle and this is one of my favorites. It has a clean fresh scent. Their website describes this scent as sexy and sensual 🙂 . I actually spray this on the hair since it smells so good 😀 .
  2. Wicked Wahine – This is my second favorite of the bunch. When I was browsing a shop in Hawaii, I heard one of the customers buying this scent since her daughter loves it so I decided to try it and see 🙂 . And What do you know? On the first sniff, I knew that I had to get it 🙂 . It is more of the musky scent along with flowery ones as well.
  3. Poetic – I got this in Sephora Paris and I cannot seem to find this in USA. It has a vanilla and orange blossom scent. I love this scent as well.
  4. The Body Shop Moroccan Rose – This smell is little bit different from the normal rose scent. I like it since it had a fresh note to it. Everybody tells me I smell good when I wear this one 😀 .
  5. JLo Glow Love at first site (pink bottle) – It is little bit stronger than her first one but still a good one.
  6. Yadley English Rose – I love anything Rose scent 😀 . This is little bit on the artificial rose scent but I still like it 🙂 .
Perfumes I don’t prefer
  1. JLo Glow after Dark – a strong scent. Since I loved the other JLo perfume, hubby got me this. But its somewhat strong for my taste.
  2. Jovan Fever – My mom gave me this. Too strong leading to headache.
  3. Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue – Not so much my type of scent
  4. Essenza di wills – little bit too strong and has a bit of male scent and not the female one.
P.S. I am loving the Jennifer Aniston perfume. I have worn it for the past 2 days 😀 .

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