Motherhood Tales : Changes

The major issue about motherhood is adjusting to the changes in your life. Let’s start off with the sleep 🙂 , forget about sleep, I was used to sleeping 10 hrs everyday and it was quite difficult to adjust to waking up every 3 hrs to feed the baby 🙄 . Seriously, I am cranky without my sleep and I get headaches as well.

It is best if you pump the milk so that others can feed the baby. But then again you have to get up anyway because you need to pump every 3 hrs 🙄 . I was so angry during the first 3 weeks after birth. I also had problems getting milk. It took me 2 days for the milk to come because of the c-section and pre-term baby. Then my milk supply was so low that I was substituting with formula. The torture of pumping milk when there was none is really hell and I did try all the stuffs to get my milk like taking fenugreek supplement or even pumping often like every 2 hrs. Finally after 3 weeks of torture, I gave up. I decided to stick with formula 🙂 .

The second change is all those left over hormones in your body. My skin and hair changed a lot after birth. The left over hormones goes hay wire as it doesn’t know what to do 🙂 . So till your body get back to your normal hormones you get some transient time. During those time, I started getting boil on my face and body followed by some hair loss. My hair texture changed, the shampoo I usually use didn’t suit me at all 😦 . My skin has become more dry than before. My usual moisturizer is not agreeing with me. I am trying different products to find the right one for me.

The third change is the clothes 🙄 . You neither fit in your maternity clothes nor your normal clothes 🙂 . I was still wearing my maternity clothes 2 months after birth. I just got a new jean. The problem area for me was the tummy 😦  and its going to take a long time to get a somewhat flat tummy. I HATE people who goes back to their shape the next day after their birth. I should say I am JEALOUS of them 🙂 . And of course, I have started to get Large sized tops since my pregnancy days.

The other change is you can never get ready on time 😀 . If you have plans, be sure that the baby will disrupt them 🙂 . She will never allow you to get ready on time. And somehow when you are starting to eat, she will start crying every time. The personal time between you and hubby is gone 😀 , you and hubby are always tired. I wish we had time to go out for a dinner together but every time we think about it, I feel guilty 😦 .

You never have a relaxing day. You are always busy with the baby and you have to take your baby for grocery shopping and of course, the baby screams only when you are out 🙂 . So many thing to consider and so many changes in your life. And of course, lets not forget about searching for the day care center and schools for the future.

CHANGES, CHANGES, CHANGES…. a lot of changes in your life. I don’t have even an hour to myself and only during the night that I read books to relax. Well, If I seem grumbling to you, then this is what it is 😀 . And where can I share my rants except here 🙂 and since most of the readers have gone through this situation, they understand me and they understand the need to get it all out of my system 🙂 .

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of good about motherhood which I will talk about in the future 😀 .


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