Review : Burt’s Bee Lip Set

I got this lip set in an outlet mall last summer. The set has the Peony lip shimmer, Juicy Peach lip gloss and Pomegranate lip balm. These retail for about $ 8.99 whereas I got this for about $ 4.99 🙂 . Once I saw the price, I had to get this since I love the lip shimmers so much. And of course, you always need lip balm 😀 (Ya right.. I have about 5 new lip balms, never opened) .

The Peony lip shimmer is a natural lip shade color, more of peachy nude which when applied has a tingly sensation. I love that feeling. On my lips, this color look really natural like my lips without the discoloration in-between 🙂 . It has the consistency of a lip balm but with colors. It doesn’t last long just like the lip balm.

The Juicy Peach lip gloss is just as it says, lightest peach color with lot of gloss 🙂 . It has a vanilla kind of scent to it which I don’t mind. It is little bit sticky but overall it’s just like any other lip gloss. The lip gloss over Peony look like a natural color with a gloss on your lips, perfect if you are looking for nude lip color. Finally the Pomegranate lip balm, has a nice scent to it and I just can’t describe it. It is very moisturizing on the lips and I do use them very often during the day.

Will I buy them again? Not the set, NO. But since I have all the colors which I like in the lip shimmer, I won’t buy them anymore. I don’t think the lip gloss is worth $ 3.99 where as I will definitely buy the lip balm again since I love them 🙂 .


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