Bargain Alert #13

Ever since I found the coupon for Physician Formula, I have wanted to get a good deal and buy their products. I decided to wait until I see a BOGO 1/2 off, but I just couldn’t resist going to Rite-Aid when they had BOGO offer last week on Bronzers 🙂 . I did want to get a good bronzer since I got two tones on my face from my pregnancy 😦 . My face has become more fair where as my neck is darker. so I decided that Bronzer is a good way to even the color in my face.

Normally, Physician’s Formula Bronzer retail for about $ 14.95 which is high for a drugstore product but I saw that it has some good reviews. So when I saw the offer in Rite-aid, I decided to get them with my $ 5 off coupon 😀 . So I went to Rite-Aid and saw that the Bronze Booster had a $ 4 off coupon stuck on them 😀 (yayyy) and so I had to get them. Since it was Buy One Get One free, I wanted to try their new Cashmere Wear bronzer as well 😀 .

I got Bronze Booster in the color Light to Medium since I didn’t want it to be dark 🙂 . So guess how much I paid for them 😀 . Lets count. The Bronze Booster was $ 14.95 and the Cashmere Bronzer was $13.95. Since It was BOGO free, it’s just $ 14.95, it had a $ 4 off sticker in the box. So its $ 10.95 and I had a $ 5 off manufacturing coupon, leading the total to $ 5.95 😀 . Isn’t it amazing?? 😀 . So for 2 products which retails for about $ 30, I got it for $ 5.95 😀 . I was in total makeup buzz yesterday.

I also found the EOS lip balm in Tangerine which is hard to find and it retails for about $3.50. I also got a bronzer brush as well since I didn’t have any with me for about $ 6.50.

The coupon is valid till June and the offer is for each product 😀 . I have 4 more prints of these and I am waiting for the some more sale on their eyeliner and eye shadows 😀 . I also got some Reese peanut butter chocolate which I can’t seem to get enough of 🙂 . Tell me what you got from the Physician’s Formula with the help of this coupon 🙂 .


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