Nail #38 : Wet n Wild Wild Shine

During the month of April, Walgreens was having a sale on Wet N Wild products. I got this nail polish in Aubergine Frost for about 69 cents 😀 . The color is the first thing which I notices. It’s a deep purple pink with a purple sheen on top. It is difficult to describe the color but it is one of my favorite of the bunch 🙂 .

The packaging is simple with a plastic cap but don’t think that just because it looks cheap that the product is not worth it. It has one of the best formulation. It is so smooth to apply and I somehow love this more than the Maybelline 🙂 . The brush doesn’t cause any streaks and with two coats on the nails, they are amazing.

I LOVE this color 😀 . The first time I applied on my nails, I just couldn’t stop looking at it. It has this unique color and it is very eye catching but not in the neon color way 🙂 . Even on my toes, they look amazing. It did last for about 5 days without chipping which is fantastic. This is the one shade I would buy again and again (If I ever finish off my first bottle) 😀 .


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