Review : Coconut Lime Body Lotion

I think this is a generic brand of body lotion and I found it in Marshall’s. It was about $ 2.50 so I decided to just try it and see since I use up body lotion a lot. The first thing which attracted me to this body lotion is the coconut and I kept thinking it will smell like the Tesco coconut lotion which I adore and miss 😦 . The strange combination of coconut and lime was intriguing and so I decided to buy this since it was inexpensive 🙂 .

The packaging is very simple plastic bottle with a pump. It has about 25.3 fl oz or about 750 ml of the product and if you think about it, the price is not bad for that much amount. The first note which hits you is the lime and then the coconut but lime remains the stronger scent.

The formulation is for summer and definitely useless for winter. Even though I got this during winter, I still use it sometime if I am not going out that day. It is of very light formulation and the scent doesn’t linger for long not like those Body Shop body butter which you can smell throughout the day. You can probably smell it for half an hour or so and that’s it.

Overall, its not a bad lotion but I definitely would not be buying this brand of lotion since I prefer a lotion which I will blog about later 🙂 .



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