Lip Balm Collection

You all know how much I am obsessed with lip balms 🙂 , so you won’t be surprised to see my whole collection. I have so much lip balms that I store them all over our house 😀 . I have 4 in my bedroom side table, 3 in my bathroom, 2 in my handbag and 2 in the living room 😀 .

This picture didn’t have the one in my handbag, I have one more Aquaphor and Burt’s Bee. The bottom row is the one’s I am using at the moment. The top one are the new ones in my collection 😀 , brand new except for the EOS tangerine which I couldn’t stop myself from using it.

My not so favorite is the Blistex and the Neutragena since they are not moisturizing enough for me. But they make except lip balm for using before lipstick. So they are in my bathroom so that I can apply them after applying my face cream. I just couldn’t used those cutest EOS lip balms 😀 . If its up to me I would still buy more new lip balms but I have banned myself from getting more.


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