Bargain Alert #14

I went to Walgreens to check out some bargains which they had in their store this week and found some good bargains. The stuffs which are not in the picture are the Tone body wash and Altoids 🙂 . This week, If you buy Tone Body wash which is $ 3.99, you get $ 3 back as a reward 🙂 and the Altoids are just 99 cents each instead of $ 2.20 so I got 2 of them 😀 . I also got Yardley soap in Pomegranate Rose which I just couldn’t resist for 69 cent 😀 .

So the first thing which caught my eye is the Wet n Wild cosmetics for 69 cents (yayyyy). I thought it was just for April month but apparently they are still in the Walgreens which I went to. So I couldn’t resist getting a lipstick in Java and also a nail polish in Wild Card which is a light purple. Of course, you all know how obsessed I am with the color purple, somehow I gravitate towards that color. And I went to the clearance section where I found Revlon Vintage lipstick in Fire & Ice which is a limited edition for $ 3.99 🙂 . I just couldn’t resist the red lipstick 😆 .

So then we went to Costco to do our shopping, we usually get all the food stuffs there since they are comparatively cheaper and also the baby formula for Baby A. I also read in someone’s blog about the Stila set so when I found it, I got it :D. It is such a bargain, the lip & cheek duo alone retails for about $ 25. Where as this set has one lip & cheek duo, 2 lip liner, 1 sharpener and 2 eyeshadows for $ 10 😀 . Isn’t it amazing? 😀 .

I also found some product with clearance stickers but I just didn’t find anything which I wanted. So that is all my bargains. Did you find any bargains this week?


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