Review : Tree Hut Shea Moisturizing Body Wash

I got this body wash in Marshalls for about $ 2.50 which is an amazing price for a this brand since it retails for about $ 6. I got them in the flavor Tropical Mango 😀 . I have such a collection of body wash in my bathroom. Whenever I find a fragrance I like, I buy them 🙂 . I got this when I was pregnant and I was obsessed with mangoes then :D, when I saw this body wash, I had to get them.

I have never tried this brand but I have seen them in Target and Bartell drugs. I always thought it was little bit expensive. This brand has a loads of products and I think mainly bath product and body lotion. When I saw this in Marshalls, I had to get them to try 🙂 .

The packaging is a cute plastic bottle and the smells reminds of a half ripened mango. It has about 16 fl. oz. I like it but the one con is that it is not long lasting. Other than that, I really like this body wash but wondering if it is worth $ 6, I would rather get the Olay cream body wash which smells amazing for that money and it also has more product in it. Since the bottle said Shea, I thought it will be moisturizing but not that moisturizing as a creamy body wash.

But if you do find them at a discounted price, it is a good body wash to try.


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