San Juan Island Trip

We booked a day trip to San Juan Island and Orca Whale watching for this Saturday. Since my parents are over here, we never took them for a long trip because of the baby. Since Baby A is just over 4 months, we decided to do the long trip before they returned home.

The day started with us getting up at 5 am since the boat starts at 7.45 am 🙄 . I had to get up early so that we could get ready and leave home by 6.15 am. By the time we left home it was already 6.30 am and I was getting nervous about reaching there on time 🙂 . Hubby had the address for the parking and we also had the GPS (Thank GOD). So when we reached the downtown, the GPS was so confused that it didn’t know where to turn 😦 . Seriously, what good is GPS when it doesn’t know where to turn. Fortunately, we have our phone GPS which told us where to go.

Once we parked our car, we didn’t know how to get out of the parking to the port 🙄 . We spent around 10 min going around the parking to find the way out. So by that time we were literally running to the port. I think we were the last passenger to get aboard. It was already full and we couldn’t find a booth to sit. But a nice Indian couple who was celebrating their first anniversary allowed us to share their booth 😀 .

Gloomy Seattle

The weather was cloudy and chilly.The trip to the San Juan Island from Seattle port was about 3 hours and Thank God, I decided to take my Nintendo DS with me. Most of the time was spent with the baby and she slept most of the time. We passed over lot of Island and Deception pass which is the only bridge connecting the main land with an Island which looks spectacular. We reached the San Juan by 11.15 am and we had to stay in the same boat for the Orca Whale watching trip.

Deception Pass

Some of the passengers got down in the Island while some got on and then we went on for the whale watching. Orca is a type of whale which has a white and black marking. This is the time of the year where they are seen in this side of the world. The whale watching was about 2 1/2 hours and we saw a lot of them. Unfortunately, it is difficult to take picture of them. I also got sick because the boat switched off the engine and it started swaying a lot 😦 . I was just feeling nauseous.

Then we then returned to the San Juan Island by 2 pm. We had 2 more hours to go around Friday Harbor. We decided to have our lunch here and were searching for a good restaurant which served vegetarian since my parents are vegetarians. We went into a bar and grill and surprisingly they had some vegetarian options. My parents had zucchini burgers, I had Philly cheese steak and hubby had clam chowder. The food was really good. The fries were so crunchy and was so good.

We then decided to go around looking for some shops which I wanted to check out since I saw them in the pamphlet mentioning Things to do in the Island. I went into a Lavender shop since I love the smell of lavender. I also saw a board saying Lavender Ice cream (hmmmm) . And I thought why not 😀 . I got the chocolate lavender ice cream and my mom got a sachet of lavender.

Friday Harbor

The ice cream was ok but it had such a strong lavender taste to it that it left a lavender after effect in my mouth 😀 . It was ok until hubby mentioned that it smells like a shampoo and I lost my appetite for it 😦 . Then I also visited a coffee shop and we just walked around the harbor area. We then went back to the boat by 4 pm and started towards Seattle. We reached Seattle by 7.15 pm and by the time we reached home, it was 8 pm.

I was so tired just from sitting and I did sleep most of the way back because I was so tired. After returning home I fed our cats and had dinner and went to sleep by 10 pm. I just couldn’t open my eyes any more. Hubby told me that he will look after the baby during the night so I slept and woke up at 10 am completely refreshed but was still tired and was feeling little bit sick with ear ache. head ache and dry throat because of the windy top deck visit on the boat 🙄 .

So that was my wonderful trip to the Island. My advice would be that don’t make it a day trip, stay overnight and enjoy the island. It is a beautiful trip and I think it would be fantastic if its sunny 😀 .

On the end note, Baby A was behaving beautifully until we returned home 🙂 . She just wouldn’t go to sleep or drink milk. She was tired from the trip and cranky. But everybody on board was commenting on her being a good baby 🙂 .

Baby A


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