Review : Up & Up Extra Healing Moisturizer

I always use body lotion since I have a dry skin and I tend to go through them a lot šŸ™‚ . So I always stock up when I see some bargains. Up & Up is a generic brand for Target and somehow I am loving Target these days šŸ˜€ . I got this extra healing moisturizer since it is equivalent to Jergens Moisturizer which is little bit expensive $ 5.70 for 21 fl.oz where as the Up & Up brand is about 3.50 for 26.5 fl.oz which is certainly a good bargain.

The packaging is very simple with a pump and the lotion itself is white in color with a clean scent which I like šŸ™‚ . It is moisturizing enough but not oily which is fantastic. Most of the extra moisturizer are very oily and sticky which I hate and also similar to the Body Shop Body Butter which is ok for winter but for summer it too oily and sticky šŸ˜¦ .

These generic brands are fantastic bargains if you want to use a particular little bit expensive brands. If you use them occasionally then its ok to get the branded stuffs but for people like me who goes through body lotion like probably 1 bottle a month, this is an excellent options.

Overall, I am loving the Up & Up brand from Target and am trying lot of other stuffs from that brand.



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