Sinead Moriarty – From here to Maternity

Rating – 4.5 Stars

Since I have joined the Good Reads website, I loved the fact that I can see what my friends are reading and then I could decide if I like the synopsis and then I can read it. This is one of the book a friend of mine was reading and after reading her review I decided to give this book a shot and I am very glad that I did 😀 .

This is a story about Emma and her husband who has trouble getting pregnant so they decide to adopt a baby. And after they have adopted the baby, she finds out that she is pregnant. So the story begins with her relationship between her mom, siblings and friends. She also finds it difficult to cope with motherhood and pregnancy.

I loved this book. It reminded me of all kind of things, Dublin, pregnancy, parents, motherhood, friendship, sibling, etc. It is what you call a perfect story which you can relate to. All the character are so real. I actually can understand the frustration which Emma felt about everything, trying to get pregnant and when stop trying, you get pregnant 😀 and of course, lets not forget the advices from mom and your experianced friends 🙄 when you are pregnant. Motherhood with baby crying and no sleep and all other joys of motherhood. I totally understand Emma and her frustration.

I didn’t expect anything when I started this book, but once I started it, I just couldn’t stop it. I had to finish the book. This is not a typical romance story or maybe I should say that it is not a romantic story. It more of a life experience kind of story which is why its easy to relate to 🙂 .


Delicious, funny and touching final installment of Emma Hamilton’s struggles to become a mother. Just as Emma and her husband James become parents of eight-month-old Russian baby, Yuri, they also find out that Emma is pregnant. Emma discovers that having her dreams come true brings a whole new set of problems as she is faced with well-meaning friends and family – and not-so-well-meaning maternity nazis – telling her how to be a mother. Only her wonderful calm long-suffering husband, a mad family that makes her look like the down-to-earth sensible one, and fantastic friends whose lives are even crazier than her own, keep Emma from losing it, and in the end she comes through with her usual mix of humour, good-natured hysteria and real heart


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