Busy Month..

Hello Readers,

I know I haven’t been posting much articles this month and I do have a reason for that 🙂 . Motherhood is seriously tiring 🙂 and since most of you have experienced this, I don’t have to explain 😀 . Baby A has some good days and some bad ones, so by the end of the day I am tired and all I want to do is relax. I found that writing an blog requires using your brain and by the end of the day, it just stops working 🙂 .

This month has been super busy since we are moving houses. It started with looking for houses and then packing of course, which I hate since it feels like I just unpacked all of them. Thinking about it, Its just 11 months since we moved to this country 🙂 . This week is packing of course since we are moving on Saturday. I seriously hope that we have boxes to fit all of our stuffs. Mid-June, my brother visited us for about 5 days so I was busy going around. Lets not forget the San Juan Island trip as well.

In between all these, we had to shop for some stuffs for the new house 🙄 . I would have loved the shopping if only I didn’t feel tired 🙂 . I usually enter the shop with lot of enthusiasm but within an hour, I get tired and all I want to do is lie down. Baby A is growing out of her clothes too quickly 😦 and some of the clothes are used just once. If we wash them, it shrinks 🙄 and it doesn’t fit her. And we found that she has lot of summer clothes, which is not so good since we will need some thick clothes when its raining.

Moving on, we would have the internet in the new house by Saturday, Thank God. And the July 4th weekend would be our getting the house ready weekend. We have place all the stuffs in their places and hopefully they all will be arranged by the weekend. And I was also busy studying for the Driving Knowledge test 🙄 this week and I passed (yayyy). It has been a tiring month and I can’t believe that my mom will be leaving in a month and I will all alone with Baby A 😦 . Hopefully I should be able to manage.

I am hoping that I will be able to post more articles in my blog next month and I also have been wanting to move my blog to a website but its getting difficult with the baby :).

Thanks for reading my blog. Since you all are the reason I blog 😀 .


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