Motherhood Tales : 6 Months

Baby A is almost 7 months and I am wondering how the days flew past 🙂 . Its been tough and rewarding 🙂 . Since you all know that my parents went back home so I have started looking after the baby alone. I was so scared the first 3 day and I was stressed and tired as well. Baby A was cranky as well since she couldn’t see my parents so she wanted me to carry her all the time which was tough on my back 🙂 . But I think I am used to it these days and I am managing ok.

Talking about me, I still haven’t lost weight 😦 and everybody says it takes at least an year to lose some weight. But I somehow think I am never going to lose this tummy. I still can’t fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes and so I have to get some new clothes 😦 . My skin is doing ok but I am having problems with my hair or I should say particularly my scalp. I have always had dandruff and it just doesn’t go off with any kind of shampoo and since I discovered Loreal hair dye, its been perfect. The dye controlled my dandruff.

So the last time I went for a hair cut, my stylist told me that it looks like scalp psoriasis and I decided to go and check with my GP. Baby A has cradle cap and my mom told me that I have had that since my baby days 😦 . So I finally decided to visit my GP and ask for a cure. The doctor told me that we can only prevent this and no cure and prescribed me Ketoconazole 2% shampoo which I am using for the past week and I don’t think its doing anything for my scalp but since the GP said it will take atleast a month to see the result, I decided to wait and see :). I also got Selson blue for Itchy dry scalp.

The other problem I have is back ache which starts if I carry the baby for a long time and it just drains me and by the end of the day, I am tired and all I want to do is lie down. But I don’t think you can do anything for that problem except do some back exercise or yoga. But I don’t have time for that these days 🙂 . Other than that, I am doing ok. I am busy during the day and when Baby A sleeps, I get to check my mail and internet or ever read a book 🙂 .

Moving on to Baby A, She has grown so much and I can’t believe how much. If you all remember, she is a pre-term baby and weighed only about 4.3 pounds and today she weighs more than 14 pounds and you can imagine the difference.  She finally has a small chubby cheek 😀 . She is more stubborn these days and she know what she wants and she gets it as well 🙄 . We finally started on solid foods when she was 5 months old. We started with rice and oatmeal cereal and now she is on vegetable and fruits.

She has her own likes and dislikes. She hates apples & pears but she like bananas. She hates the sour taste. She doesn’t like carrots and you should see her when I give her that. She realised that if she closes her gums together, I can’t put the spoon in her mouth 🙄 , seriously she is so stubborn that she just won’t open her mouth. She likes sweet potatoes and squash. I am going to start her on rice, dhal and rasam by next month and hopefully she likes it 🙂 .

She has also started to roll over by the end of her 4th month and she still can’t crawl but she also realized that the easier option is to just roll over and over till she reaches where she wants to 🙄 . She is also chewing anything on sight and we got her lot of toys to chew. She also loves to sleep on her tummy 😦 which is a concern for us especially at night. But she seems comfortable about it. She looks so cute when you see her sleeping on her tummy or sometime with her bum up 😀 .

She has started recognizing strangers face and she does cry if some stranger holds her. These days she doesn’t want to sleep but she is cranky and cries and we have to force her to sleep which takes about 30-40 min which is such a drain on our energy 😦 . She loves going out especially to shops since she can see lot of people and she starts talking to them if someone looks at her 🙂 . She is certainly a charmer 😀 . My parents got her the cutest plastic bangles with lots of color. Also the silver anklet is beautiful.

Moving on to our kitties, they are doing ok 🙂 . They have their own routine now and both of them are little bit jealous of Baby A. If I play with the baby for a long time, they want me to pet them as well and they sit in my lap for sometime  🙂 . Other than that, they like sitting next to her and watch her or even they let her place her head on their body. It will be different once she starts pulling their hairs 🙂 .

And that is my experience with motherhood 😀 . I would tell the new parents that don’t listen to people who says that it will get better. The correct term would be that you will get used to it 😀 . There are lot of things you get to enjoy, their first smile, their joy when they see you, their laugh, their enjoying their first food, etc, etc. Motherhood does have lot of rewards. I am just sharing my experience on motherhood and hope you enjoyed reading it 🙂 .


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