Motherhood Tales: Solid Food for baby

Baby A has been on the solids for almost 2 months now so I have decided to write about that 🙂 . The first solid food is the cereals like Rice & Oatmeal. I first got the Gerber brand and then started getting the Earth’s best because its of the same price and they are organic 🙂 . I slowly started her on the multi-grain cereal as well. She does like it. I also add a little bit of formula powder in them so that it tastes better.

I waited for about 2 weeks then started giving her the Gerber pre-made vegetables and fruits. She liked some but she hated the fruits so I tried mixing it with the cereal and she was ok with banana but she still didn’t like apples and pears. So I decided to stop them and concentrate on the stuffs she liked.

Then I started reading books about baby food and they said that the home made foods are good for the baby and I thought of doing them once I found some baby puree recipes. I also got the baby puree maker which was on clearance in TJ MAXX. But then realized that it does the same thing as my steamer and blender so why waste money on it, I returned it the next day 😀 . Once I had the recipes for the baby food, I think its easier to do it at home than I realized.

So the first thing I tried was the Sweet Potato & Spinach followed by Carrot & Broccoli 🙂 and she does like them and I make them a lot and freeze it.  I also started her on solid foods for 3 times a day and in-between I give her formula. She started putting on weight once I started giving her the solids 🙂 and she finally has chubby cheeks 😀 .

Morning she has the 3 tbsp multi-grain & 1 tbsp rice cereal  and then for afternoon she has the veggies and finally during night she has this powder called Kangi which is basically a mixer of all healthy stuffs like millet’s, almonds, cashews, etc with oatmeal. I have gotten her in a routine and she seems fine with it.

I have to tell you that she is stubborn in what she like and what she doesn’t 🙂 . So I decided to feed her whatever she likes. I am going to start her on rice and dhaal probably next week. I thought I would give the recipes of the vegetables I tried at home so that it might be useful for a new mother :). I got the recipes from a Baby Puree book and some ideas from online from some websites.

I also wanted her to have yogurt and I got her the strawberry yogurt and she loved it 😀 (Thank God coz my FIL and BIL hates yogurt and I was worried that she won’t like it as well). I got lot of books on baby food and I am going to try most of them or should I say I will try whatever is easy for me 😀 .

Be sure to keep in mind not to add sugar or salt to the baby’s food. It is not good for them and Doctor’s usually tell you avoid them as well. Since I make all the foods for a week, I find it easier when I feed her since I don’t need to anything except microwave it 🙂 . Another stuff to get is feeding bowls with lids 🙂 and get lot of them if you are thinking of freezing lot of foods for her. I found some ziplock bowls with lids in the Rite-Aid for $ 1 🙂 and its microwave and freeze ready.

I am not saying that the Jar foods in the shops are not healthy but it get expensive when you think about getting it for everyday. I think for the same amount of money you can make it for a week and store it. But I have to say that the jar foods are pretty convenient when you are travelling.

I will be posting some recipes I tried and tested on Baby A. I hope all the new mother find it useful. I will also talk about how healthy each of the recipe is so that you know why you need to feed your baby that veggies.

Image Source from Annabel Karmel: Baby & Toddler Food Diary


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