Motherhood Tales : First Baby Food

You can read a lot about the first baby food online. And it is important to know what to give and what not to give. I found a wonderful website which you can check out on this topic 🙂 . This particular website tells you why these food is great and what it contains.

Moving on the first baby food to try is the cereals of course. Try the oatmeal and rice first, I think all babies love oatmeal. Try adding a tsp of formula powder or breast milk to this so that the baby will find it more interesting.  They say to try new food for at least 4 days before moving on because then if the babies have allergy you can find it and stop giving them. Note that the consistency of the cereal should be very runny so that the baby can easily drink it.

Once you have tried the cereals about 6 months, try the single vegetables and the first one I tried was sweet potato, carrot and butternut squash. She wasn’t happy about carrot but if I warm them a bit and add a little bit of rice cereal to it, then she seems ok with it.

The first fruits to try are banana, avocado, apples and pears. Since the apple and pears are little bit sour, Baby A didn’t like it at all. Even the banana seems too sweet for her so I tried it by adding it to the oatmeal and she was ok about it.

Also peas and green beans are also very healthy. But the problem is that its difficult to make it into a smooth puree at home. Since they are very fibrous, it never comes to a smooth puree unless you have the food mill or strainer which is a lot of work for me so I didn’t try them at all. But I did get the Gerber Peas and Green beans and she did like it.

Try all the veggies you could think of but schedule it so that you can try once a week or even once in every 4 days which ever suits you. After about 7 months, try combination of veggies and make the consistency a little bit thick. This is all my experience on baby foods but remember each baby is different. I heard that some babies don’t eat any veggies and only want to drink milk.

My next post will contain some recipes for you to try 🙂 .


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