Motherhood Tales : Recipes for Baby Puree

Sweet Potato and Spinach Baby Puree

Sweet Potato – 2
Organic Spinach – 4 handfulls
Ghee – 3 tbsp
Feeding bowl with lids

Bake the Sweet Potato which is healthy and preserve all the nutrients. Cut them into 2 inch size and place them in a foil and close them making it into a closed pocket. This will let the sweet potato stem inside the foil, if you bake them directly in the oven it will get dry on the outside which will make it difficult to take out all the mushy pieces. Bake them at 375 deg F for 40 min. Allow it to cool.

In a pan, add the ghee and then the spinach and saute it till it gets cooked. Allow them to cool as well. Once everything is cooled down then blend them together to make it into a smooth puree.  Transfer the puree into the bowl of about 3 tbsp each (or however much your baby eats). I freeze the remaining ones so that I use them for the following days.

Once you are ready to feed the baby, microwave them for about 20 sec and once its warm add about 1 tbsp rice cereals followed by some warm water according to her preference. The sweet potato and the ghee flavor will be dominant and Baby A likes it 🙂 .

Carrot and Broccoli Baby Puree

Organic Carrots, mini size – 10
Broccoli – 2 stalks
Ghee – 3 tbsp
Feeding bowl with lids

Steam the carrots and broccoli separately. Test to see that they are soft. Add them to the blender along with the ghee and make them into a smooth puree. Its as easy as that :D.

Carrot & Broccoli Puree


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