Bargain Alert #15

I know its been so long since I have posted any bargains but I found a fantastic bargain which I absolutely have to tell you all. I always browse Rite-aid and sometimes I do get wonderful bargains. I went there today to get some vitamin D for Baby A and decided to browse 🙄 . I found lot of skin care items on 50% off. So I decided to get the Noxema cleansing lotion and foaming face cleanser for my cousin. I also found the Freeman face mask on sale for $2.99 🙂 .

Moving on to the fantastic find, I never knew leggings were so comfortable until I got pregnant. I love 😉 my one and only black maternal leggings. I wear them on top of my kurtas, long comfortable tops or ever summer dress. But constant use for more than a year made them a little bit rough 😦 . And I was looking for a good leggings to replace them. Most of the time, I always purchase tights instead of leggings 😦 and then once I get home I realize that I got the wrong stuff. So moving on, I couldn’t find them in Target. But during the cyber Monday sale, I saw black leggings on sale for $11.99 and I kept wondering if I should order it. But finally I completely forgot about it so I thought maybe its not meant to be 🙂 .

So today at Rite-aid while I was browsing I saw leggings and the picture on the box looked good and to my surprise it was Buy one Get one Free. Common, I have to try it, right 😀 . I did feel the leggings and it did feel soft so I decided to go for it. After we returned home, I just wanted to check if it fits and I have to say they are the best thing EVER. Its one of the best bargains I have ever got for clothes 😀 . I absolutely LOVE the feel of them. Its so soft and it fits perfectly.

So readers, If you are near Rite-aid go and get the No Nonsense leggings and you won’t regret it at all. Want to know how much I paid for it? $9.99 for 2 :D. Isn’t it great?


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