Review: Fated

Fated by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I wonder why I chose this book. Is it because a friend read it or is it the cover or is it both? 🙂

From the first page, I was captivated. Talen (vampire & alpha male) wanted Cara (mom, psychic & scientist) as his mate and want to protect her daughter, Janie. Cara wants to protect her daughter so she decided to go with Talen and mate with him. The story has lot of characters and I am looking forward to their stories in the future. All the characters are fascinating.

Sometimes I did find Cara to be weak since she does what Talen wants her to do. But maybe that is the compromise she has to make for being with an Alpha male. Talen keeps stressing the fact that she is her mate and it was little bit annoying and I felt like telling him to get over it. Maybe the author could tone down the alpha male a bit in the next series 🙂 .

I am captivated by Janie. She reminds of Robin D. Owens hearmates characters(Vini & Avellana)whose book I am looking forward to.

The story was so grasping that I wanted to know who is going to end up in the next book. I love the fact that it has genetics in it being a biology student myself 🙂 . I totally understood what they are talking about during the discussion about their research.

I think this is a wonderful book but I hope that the author keeps us interested in the following series.

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