Search for a perfect Crossbody bag

You all know how I LOVE handbags 😀 . I have a lot of bags that hubby always rolls his eyes when I drool over any handbags in shops. I love changing my handbags and matching it with my outfit. But since the baby, I realised that my normal handbags is not working out. It’s tough to manage a baby in one hand and handbag in your shoulder 😀 . Then I discovered the Crossbody bags in a baby website. I got one during last summer and realized how comfortable it is. I got them in an outlet mall, just plain brown and completely functional 🙂 . I have used that for the past 6 months and I don’t want to go back to my normal handbags at all, maybe after the baby have started school, I will go back to them again.

I have been on the lookout for a perfect crossbody bags and believe me most of the good ones are expensive 🙂 . I didn’t even know there are so many brands out there until I discovered ebags 🙂 . I absolutely love this website and drool over handbags atleast once a week 😀 . I started noticing the brands like Baggailini and even ebags brands. And I was still hesitant to spend about $ 40 or more for an unseen handbag and have the hassle of returning them back if I don’t like it (remember my laptop hassle from Bestbuy 🙄 ). I even found some crossbody bags in shops like Target, Fred Meyers, etc but somehow I didn’t like any of them. I found Baggalini in TJ Maxx but I didn’t like how the bag feels. It is a good bag but I don’t like the look of it 🙂 .

I also found lot of small crossbody bags which won’t fit my stuffs 😀 . Its like fitting one small purse, sunglass and phone, just the essentials and I needed something which can fit all my stuffs during travel. I also love the organization area in the travel bags. I also had my eye on Travelon, Pacsafe and overland equipment brands because they have  organization area in them and its a travel handbags. But I kept wondering what should I get, Was it worth the money? or should I go for cheaper option if it has good reviews. I had the dilemma for about 3 months. So during the Black Friday sale, I decided to get the travel bag and since it had good discount, I decided to search for them. Till the end of the day, I couldn’t decide which was best for me.

But since we were travelling to India, I did want a travel bag because it will be a bother if I took my normal handbag and I could just imagine me trying to hold the baby in one shoulder and hold the handbag in the other, struggling with the strap since it will keep sliding down 🙂 . So during the christmas sale, I decided to get one even if I had to return it. So I ordered them on 20th Dec and I got 20% off  and the shipping costs about $ 6 🙂 . And I got them on 24rd Dec, I was pleasantly surprised that I got it so soon. But then I saw that the stitches in the straps had come out in 2 areas. So I just emailed the ebags customer service about it and within 3 hrs they emailed me back that they will send a replacement along with a fedex return label. So I received the shipping details on 27th Dec and I got them on 29th Dec 😀 . That was quick and I am quite impressed by the customer service.

I ordered the Overland Equipment Donner bag since it had some good reviews and I ordered them in the color Blackberry. And the price I paid for it was $ 43.99, yup, It was expensive and I knew that I would keep worrying about spending so much money on 1 bag 🙂 but hubby convinced me that if its good for travel and if it lasts then its worth it.

On the first look, I liked it. The material is untextured nylon (don’t know what it means but I like the feel of it) . I like the color, its dark but not black, more like a deep plum. I thought the organization area on the front was little small but it has all the pockets necessary for holding necessary items and the main compartment is spacious which can hold my wallet, travel kit and my e-book reader 🙂 . I am certainly impressed by it, no wonder it has a lot of good reviews. Will give an update after I return from my vacation about how it worked out.


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