Nail #39 : OPI Grape Set Match

You know that I am a complete bargain addict and I do resist buying stuffs for a full price unless it’s absolutely worth it or maybe limited editions. I never buy those high-end nail polishes unless I find them in the clearance section. So I was totally shocked to see OPI Serena’s Collection in TJ Maxx. And I loved this set on the first sight and I knew immediately that I would buy them without a doubt 🙂 . I got the pair for about $ 7.99 which is a total bargain since I saw this collection in Ulta for $ 14.99.

The color is so unique since I do have a lot of purple nail polishes 😀 . It’s a deep grape color with minute pink, purple and blue glitters. It looks amazing in the bottle. The formulation is good, no streaks at all and I applied 2 coats and it looked fine. I think I should have done one more coat. But the glitters are not very visible unless you see it close.

I seriously love this one and I couldn’t catch the true color in my pics 😦 and I added one of the best I had and you can see the color in the bottle with the glitters. But I found one blog which had the amazing pic of this nail color and you can see it here. I do think the set is probably worth paying the price if you a nail-o-holic 😀 . I had it for almost 7 days with no chipping and it looked fantastic under the lights. I just couldn’t stop checking out every time I went into the bathroom 😀 .

OPI Grape Set Match


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