Vacation time

Hey Readers,

We are going on a vacation today to India for 5 weeks :D. I am so excited about it but its going to be a very busy first 2 weeks since we will be moving lot 😦 . I am more worried about Baby A and did I mention that the travel time from here to India is about 27 hrs ( O yeah, you read it right) 😦 . I have this feeling that Baby A is going to screaming for the most part of the travelling since she has started moving and wants to get down from her cat seat all the time 😦 . Maybe I will rant about this travel once I reach Chennai 😀 .

The next day we are travelling to Hyderabad where we will be staying for about 5 days since hubby has to work whereas me and baby will be bored to death sitting in a hotel 😦 . Lets hope that they have internet or TV or even movie channels. At least we have plans for the evenings there. So then we are going to my in-laws house for 5 days and then we are going to travel to Tirupathi from there in car which is 8 hrs drive 🙄 . Seriously can you just imagine with baby A, lot of pit stops, food breaks, etc, etc. I think you can look forward to one whole rants about this whole trip 😀 . Finally from Tirupathi we are coming to Chennai and will be there for 3 weeks (Thank God) but hubby is already thinking of one small trip to B’lore to meet his friends.

Anyway, Just wanted to tell you all that I will be out and if you haven’t seen any blog post then you know the reason for it 😀 . Anyhoos, we have a pet sitter for our kitties. She comes home once a day and take care of our kitties which is handy since she also checks our mail boxes. I am not that much worried about them this time since the pet sitter is quite good.

Hopefully, I will still be able to write some blog posts but don’t know about what. Maybe I will write some reviews on the shops I went in Chennai and Hyderabad, What do you think of it? If you can recommend any shops in Hyderabad, please do since I do want to visit some shops there.


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