Nail #41 : OPI Servin up Sparkle

I got them in a Serena William set along with Grape Set Match. This looked so interesting that I knew it will look good. It has a lot of sparkles which can be almost described as holographic. It shows so many colors in the light. Though my nails doesn’t show its true color, you can see it in the bottle of how colorful can it be.

I applied one coat on top of Essie Your Hut or Mine. Since that color looked so bland on my hands, I decided to apply the holographic nail polish on top of it. And I have to say I absolutely love it. During daylight, it looks like a normal sparkle coat with some colors but at night in the yellow light, it shows how it truly can look :D. I love this nail polish, definitely worth it. I can see myself applying this on top of a dark nail polish and going out on a night 🙂 .

OPI Servin up Sparkle


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