Busy Vacation

I have been so busy during the past 2 weeks that I haven’t read lot of books and am busy with travelling most of the time. I did meet a friend of mine while visiting Hyderabad but most of the days was spent looking after Baby A since hubby was working there. Then we left Hyderabad to Budduwada which is about 4 hrs drive and I began to see how tough it will since she was in the car seat most of the time. She was unhappy about travelling in the car seat and we had a tough time looking after her.

We stayed there for about 4 days and had some good food 🙂 . Then we left to Thirupathi which is about 9 hrs drive 🙄 which doesn’t includes the break we took. By the time we reached there we were all tired and it felt like a jet lag 😦 . I hated the travel but we absolutely have to visit the temple so that we can do the mottai (mundan) for Baby A. We reached the room in Thirupathi about 10.30 pm and we had to get up about 5.30 am so that we can do her mottai. I didn’t go since i wanted to get ready before they come back. Apparently she didn’t cry at all.

Then we had to stand in the queue for 2 hrs which is apparently not bad and then we had to visit all the surrounding temples and I was cranky enough to snap at everyone. The road from Thirupathi to Chennai was so bad that half way through I have back aches 😦 . By the time we reached home it was 9.30 pm and all I wanted to do was have a shower and sleep. The next 3 days was busy with relatives visiting the baby.

On January 23rd, we celebrated Baby A’s star b’day traditionally and it is called Ayushomam where you do yaga for the long life of the baby. It was done in a grand manner. She had the cutest pattu pavadai in blue and green. We also pierced her ears and she looks so cute in mottai and the ear-ring. Two of my friends came for the function and most of them didn’t attend. I guess since it was on monday, they had work.

The past 2 days have been a little bit relaxed one and I am getting tired just from the heat since all I want to do is sleep 🙂 . We still have to get some stuffs for our trip back. On the personal care side, my facial skin looks better here in Chennai where as my feet is a mess. Its dry and rough. I need a pedicure soon 🙂 . I am hoping that I will have time to post in the blog. I don’t know what I will blog about but I guess I will find some thing 😀 .

P.S. I am getting fat just by eating 3 proper meals and some snack in-between 😀 .


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