Happy Birthday to my Daughter

I just can’t believe my baby is already 1. It’s just feels like yesterday when I got admitted in the hospital. The year just flew by and there she is walking already 🙂 . I remembered all her FIRST’s, her first smile. her first turning over, her first sitting and all her firsts. It made me smile 🙂 . Now she is so stubborn that she shakes her head for NO 😀 and let me tell you she has lots of NO’s 😀 . She is certainly going to be a charmer. I am blessed with a wonderful baby and family. What more can I ask?

I am looking forward to the future and see how she turns out. Happy Birthday Naai Kutti.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to my Daughter

  1. Preetha says:

    My best wishes and blessings to her … Wish her a very happy b’day from me and lots of kisses and hugs …

    Send her pics to my mail id …

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