Storage in your Closet

I have looked for a storage idea for my ear rings and my scarves/shawl collection. And I found them in TJ Maxx, of course 😀 . I got this idea from one of the bloggers who is one of my favorite 🙂 . So for my shawl collection I got a hanger which has lots of hanging rods and I think this is basically for storing tie but I think it is one of the best options for the shawl. I have loads of shawl and I just kept them on a shelf but I always go for the one which is on the top and forget about all the ones which sits at the bottom. I loved this idea and so decided to go for it. I got this hanger for about $ 8 which is not bad. I just tied them in the hanger and you can actually see how much I have and it is easy since you can just hang it in your closet.

The storage for the ear-ring is also the best option. I always store all my earrings in a plastic box and you can imagine trying to find a pair in a box full of ear rings :). I found this storage in TJ Maxx as well but the full price was about $ 15 and I kept wondering if its worth that much money. But during the clearance sale, I found them for about $ 10 and I decided to go ahead and buy them and it is one of the best decision I have made 🙂 . Once I filled the storage and hanged them in my closet, I kept  thinking why didn’t I buy this before because now I could actually see how much I have. The storage is on both sides which is good and you have a lot of storage option. They had many colors but I chose the green just because I liked the print 🙂 . And at the last row, you even have a bigger pouch for your watch or bangles.

So readers, tell me how you store your jewellery and scarves. Maybe you might have a better idea than me 🙂 .


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