Motherhood Tales : Life after India Trip

I know that I haven’t been blogging a lot and that because of the jet lag from our trip back to Seattle. Do I really have to rant about the trip? After 2 weeks of rest in Chennai, the trip was hard on all of us and lets not forget about the delay of the flights in Chicago due to weather 😦 . So basically our travel time was about 34 hrs 🙄 and by the time we reached home it was about 1.30 am and we were wide awake. We slept by 4 am till about 4 pm and this was Saturday. I didn’t realize that we would get such a bad Jet lag.

I am going to talk about how we are surviving here with Baby A 🙂 . After a month of all those people, she found it difficult to get used to being alone. She was cranky most of the time and we had to entertain her all the time which we somehow managed. But the main problem was her getting back to routine. She was sleeping in between us during our trip and she found it hard to go back to her room and sleep in her crib. So we decided to wait till she comes back to this routine and then put her in her room. Did I mention that all 3 of us are rollers 😀 (we toss and turn throughout the night) and that’s difficult with a baby inbetween 😀 . She basically occupies all the space in the bed. We were all sleep deprived since she slept for 5 hrs and woke up at 3 am 😦 .

So we decided to force ourselves to go back to her routines. We placed her in her crib at night and let her cry till she goes back to sleep. The first day she cried for about 1 hr and went back to sleep but got up in the middle of the night and started crying for 2 hrs 😦 . We went to her room every 20 min and talked to her and said Good night. The second day she cried only for 30 min. And by third day, She was so sleepy that she sleeps within 5 min or so. And yesterday, She actually showed us the door of her room so that we could place her in her crib 😀 (yayy) . We were so excited about it 🙂 .

We have also switched her formula to whole milk and surprisingly, she drinks it 🙂 . I also add a little bit of Horlicks to it for the flavor and some nutrients. She has grown so stubborn. She is walking now 😀 and she chases our kitties 😀 . I have to entertain her most of the time and that becomes difficult for me as well. How do you entertain your toddlers throughout the day? They have so little attention span 🙂 . I am so hoping to join some toddler classes so that I can entertain her more.

And that is why I haven’t been able to blog at all because I sleep by 8 pm as well 🙂 . And I find it tiring to open my eyes by 7 pm . Hopefully I am over jet lag and should be able to blog more in the future.

Did I mention my little trip to Fish spa? I totally loved it 😀


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