Review : Jason Face Moisturizing Cream

I have got 3 different Jason Cream and I got them from Vitacost which is my favourite store to get the natural/organic products. I think the price differs for each but it’s totally affordable. Each of them is different and I got to find out which suits my skin. My skin is dry during winter and during summer its combination to dry. I do switch moisturizer during summer. The packaging is like a tub and it has 4 oz of product.

Jason Wild Yam Igname Sauvage Moisturizing Creme

This is one of my recent purchases and I got this because it says that it’s an balancing moisturizer. When I used this during winter, my skin got dry very quickly and it started to stretch within 2 hrs. I felt like applying moisturizer again. But when I used this in Chennai, it was perfect for the humid weather. The skin absorbs this creme very quickly and doesn’t leave feel greasy at all. I think this might work out during the summer for me. It has a mild scent which I just can’t describe πŸ™‚ .

Jason Soothing 84% Aloe Vera Moisturizing Creme

This is my favorite of the bunch and its perfect for my skin during winter. My skin feels so soft and very moisturized throughout the day. It doesn’t have any scent. The skin absorbs the mositurizer very quickly without leaving it greasy πŸ™‚ .

Jason Age Renewel Vitamin E Moisturizing Creme

The creme is so thick that you have to dig in from the tub and its greasy as well 😦 . My face looks like an oil ball πŸ™‚ so I use it as a night cream or during those days when I stay at home. This is one of my least favorite of the bunch. But I have to say that my skin did look good the next day and I didn’t get any acne or pimple because of its greasiness. It does have a mild scent to it.


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