I am a Junkie

You read it right 😀 . I am a HUGE clearance junkie (as if my friends doesn’t know) 😀 . I totally love checking out clearance section in all the shops and most of the time I find amazing finds there. My favorite shops are TJ Maxx, Target, Ross and some times even Rite-aid or Walgreens. What is it about those amazing finds which makes me satisfied just like I ate a huge Black Forest cake 😀 ? I don’t know but I LOVE it.

Some of my fantastic finds are some summer sandals in Target and home items in TJ Maxx or even some tops in Ross. Just 2 weeks ago, I went to Rite-aid and found that some Wet n Wild eyeshadows and Rimmel eyeshadows were on sale for 75% off and of course, I had to get them 🙂 . This week I found 2 tops on clearance for about $ 4 each in Ross which is a Hit or Miss for me most of the time. Also some baby stuffs was on Clearance for $ 5 which had shoes, 3 socks and tights. Isn’t it a bargain?

I usually get nail polishes on clearance in Walgreens and even some face cream which was about 50% off. Today I went to TJ Maxx to get the Merrell Zip shoe which I have to say was amazing when I tried it on Friday. Since it was about $ 60, I was pretty hesitant but seriously it was the best comfortable shoe ever 🙂 .  I should have got them on Friday so when I went there today, It was gone 😦 . I was so dissapointed. But I did find Yankee candles fragrance on clearance for $ 5 . I got Pumpkin Spice for the powder room and Black Cherry for the living room and they smell so good. Another miss was Bliss Fragrance which said it smells like spa and seriously it gave me headache. It’s too strong for me.

If you are into bargains then you absolutely have to check out the clearance section in all the shops. Most of the time, it will be a miss and you won’t find anything but sometimes you will find greatest bargains there. Best of luck in hunting for bargains 🙂 .


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