Nail #44 : Essie Summer Collection

I got this in TJ Maxx when I saw that 4 mini nail polishes were $ 9.99 and I thought it was a bargain 🙂 . I loved the bright colors and so I decided to try it. I did doubt if it would suit my skin tone but this is one of those impulse buys. The colors in the collection are Meet Me at Sunset, Smooth Sailing, Braziliant and Super Bossa Nova. Meet me at sunset is a creamy red-orange color, Smooth Sailing is a periwinkle with a silver and light blue shimmer in it, Braziliant is a bright orange with pink shimmers and Super Bossa Nova is a fuschia with pink, violet shimmers.

From L to R : Meet me at sunset, Super bossa nova, Smooth sailing and Braziliant

The formula is absolutely brilliant so smooth and the brush doesn’t give any streaks. I like all the colors except Braziliant and its mainly because it clashes with my skin tone. It looks too bright in my hands which I don’t like. But in the bottle it looks absolutely gorgeous. All the shimmers are very subtle almost like a sheen not chunky ones.

From top to bottom : Meet me at sunset, Super bossa nova, Smooth Sailing and Braziliant


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