Review : Skin Care

I am going to review 3 different skin care products in this one article. I have decided to do this instead of dedicating one product to a whole article. This will be sweet and short πŸ™‚ .

Biore Revitalize Self Foaming Cleanser

I am totally in love with this. I use this all the time to wash my face. It is a foaming cleanser which is great since I don’t need to add water to this product. This is one of the old packaging and I bought them in a clearance. It suits my skin very well and it works. The new range doesn’t have this product and I am disappointed.

Target Facial Lotion Healthy Skin

This is compared to the Neutrogena Healthy skin lotion. This is a fantastic lotion for a dry skin like mine. It makes it moisturising and my skin just absorbs this lotion. The pump is easy to use and is the best instead of the face cream in a tub since I have to dig in using my finger. Overall, I really like it and would definitely buy this.

40 Carrots Sleep Cream

I also like this as my night cream and its little bit on the greasy side but it didn’t break me at all. These are found in the TJ Maxx or Ross stores and they retail for about $6-7 , I think. This also has retinol and suppose to help your skin.





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