Motherhood Tales : Diaper Bag

Are you satisfied with your diaper bag? I know that you don’t bother about getting the right one when you are pregnant and frankly, for me, I didn’t know better. I obviously thought that all the diaper bag will function the same. I realized the diaper bag starts from about $20 – $300. Seriously, who spends about $100 or more for a diaper bag, Unless they are rich or celebrities 🙂 . So I didn’t think much of it and ended up buying a pink diaper bag from Babies r us and Let me tell you never to get from that store since it’s expensive that other stores. Ok, moving on to the diaper bag, I thinks it was about $30 or so and I got it as a gift since I chose it in the Baby registry.

For the first year of Baby A, I did use this and didn’t think much of it since I ended up dumping everything in the bag and just carry them. I wasn’t comfortable about taking this at all since I had to carry this all the time or just dump into the stroller basket since we couldn’t hang it in the stroller handle 😦 . For people who likes to carry bags, you will like it. But for people like me, who likes free hands and not hang on to anything, you will definitely will find it uncomfortable. I am not saying that I hated it but it just wasn’t absolute best.

So after she reached her 12 months, I was ready for a new diaper bag since her carter’s bag was dirty with all travelling we did. I was looking around and wasn’t sure of what to buy. For me, I have to try it for several times before I can say or I just have to touch them physically before deciding. All those best diaper bags which the blogs recommended were either too expensive or only available online. So I was still deciding upon what to get. You should have seen my recommendation list, my final was about 6 different brands and I still wasn’t sure.

So one when I was browsing TJ Maxx ( and you have to know that this is one of my favorite store for bargains), my eye went straight up to this diaper bag. It was a Skip Hop bag and they had a bigger size and a smaller size. And I wasn’t sure if this would suit me or even if this would be good. So I decided to go back home and research about this brand. I have the habit of stuffing things into the bag to the brim whether its small or big 😦 . When I was researching them at home, I realised that it was a popular brand and the best part is that, it has a buckle so that you can hang it from the stroller handle. So yay, I went back the next day and what do I see all the big ones are gone, so I snatched up the small bag which is all I need since this is for everyday use. And the price is just $30 but the retail price is about $70 or so 😀 .

I totally love this bag, it’s so easy to put all the necessary stuffs in them and it attached to the handle and what can you ask for. It has a lot of pockets on the outside and a personal zip for your phone and keys. I store her sippy cup and some tissues in the outside pockets and they are very handy. The one which I don’t like about this bag is that it doesn’t have zip to close it, it had a magnetic closure. Other than this, it is one of my favorite bag.

But they are not good while you are travelling since you end up taking a lot of stuffs so we decided to get a backpack for travelling so that it would be easy to stuffs all you need into them. So finally it ended up working out. But somehow, I still end up searching for the best diaper bag ever 🙂 . Do you do that as well?


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