Indian Mythology – Part II

The second epic Mahabharata is about the war of 2 clans and Draupadi who is married to 5 brothers. The story of each character in the story is fascinating. It starts with the story about the king’s life followed by their sons. The clans are Pandavas and Kauravas and the war is about the crown for the kingdom Hastinapur. Draupadi is a fascinating character in this epic. She was supposed to marry Arjuna but ended up marrying all the 5 brothers because of the brothers promise to their mother. Another important character is Krishna who helps Pandavas during the war.

There are lot books of which has different stories. One of the book is based upon Draupadi’s view and it is fascinating because the main story is  written focusing on the war and Krishna. What about the woman who played a major part in the story? She is the woman who has to marry all brothers and no one asked about what she wants. One of the book portrays her as a woman who loves Arjuna but was forced to share him with another wife. Another book shows her love for Karna who is half-brother to Pandavas. Draupadi was humiliated infront of everyone when her husbands lost her in a game of dice. And Krishna came to her rescue when she was disrobed infront of everyone but in the end she felt betrayed by even him when he encouraged Arjuna to marry Subadra as his second wife.

She was also sent to exile with her husbands and her husbands all ended up marrying for the second time. She is portrayed as a woman alone, who doesn’t have any of her husbands love and ended up losing all her sons to war. Karna is another important character and even though he is the half-brother of Pandavas, he went to war against them because he is the best friend of Kaurava. The story about why Krishna chose to side with Pandavas is amazing and you can read them in the blog below.

Let us focus on all the women in this story, Satyavati, Amba, Kunti, Draupadi and Gandhari. Each one has an important role in this epic story which carves how the story goes and how it ends. During the war, Arjuna has doubts and Krishna starts teaching him the Bhagavad Gita. Every war has casualties, and Pandavas lost their son and Kauravas lost their teacher and brothers. In the end once Pandavas won, they didn’t even want to rule the kingdom and just left the crown to Arjuna’s son who was the only one alive.

But aside from this, I am fascinated by the story based on Draupadi. I am hoping to get my hands on this book soon enough. What about you, readers? Are you fascinated by our epic stories? Do you want to teach your children about them?

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