Reading Challenges in 2013

I have entered into 3 reading challenges. The first one is as always the Good Reads which is one of my favorite of the bunch 🙂 . This year my goal is again 400 books in 2013 which I hope to finish this year as well.

Good Reads

The second one is by the Book Chic City which I entered last year as well and finished in just 2 months 🙂 . This is the famous 100 books in 2013 which will be easy to finish 🙂 .

The third one is  by Book chic City as well but this one is the fantasy and paranormal group which I read a lot. I am going to go for the Four howls group which is 48 books in 2013 which is easy as well 😀 .

I am truly excited about entering these challenges, at least I have something to do other than looking after a toddler 😀 .

What about you Readers? have you any reading challenges for this year?


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