Cleaning the Hair Straightner

If you have read my blog since the beginning then you know that I got GHD hair straightener on 2008 and even though its been 4 years, mine is still going strong. The only problem would be the dirt/product accumulation in the iron. I  usually rub the flat-iron with nail polish remover and it did remove some of the gunk stuff but it was never clean enough 🙂 . I have been into the home-made cleaning stuffs lately and I think it’s because of my child 😀 wanting her to be healthy without any chemicals in any of the products which I use. I have also switched to buying organic foods because of her 🙂 .

GHD Flat Iron

Moving on, my favorite blog of the all kinds of DIY and home-made stuffs by Jilly and her website is addictive and I am hooked. I saw this article in her blog about cleaning the flat-iron and decided to try it and what do you know? It actually works 🙂 . All I needed was the stuffs which I had in my pantry and my flat-iron looks like new 😀 . I have also made home-made cleaning solutions from her recipe and they are great 🙂 .


All you need is Baking soda and Hydrogen Peroxide and make them into a paste like consistency and rub them on the flat-iron. Make sure that the paste is not runny since it might go into the nooks and might damage the equipment. So there I was rubbing the product in the flat-iron and I could see all the gunk coming out. Usually the sides of my flat-iron looks brown with all the gunk and looks at it now. Isn’t it fantastic? It’s such a simple ingredients and it works. Hope you try the recipe as well 🙂 .


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