Review : Maybelline Lipstick & Wet n Wild Lipgloss

Though I haven’t bought any makeup for a long time, I do tend to get some lipsticks when I see them on sale. I got 2 Maybelline Lipsticks and one of Wet n Wild lip gloss from the new Fergie collection.

From L to R : Plum Shine, Rum Riche, Back to Fuschia

Maybelline Color Sensational Lipsticks

While I was in Fred Meyer some weeks ago, I saw these lipsticks on sale for 50% and the total came up to $3.50 and of course I had to try them. I didn’t get any of the Maybelline color sensational line of lipsticks and I have heard good things about them so I decided to get them and then came the dilemma of what color to get. The one on sale were mostly in the plum and the brown color range. After spending about 20 min with them 🙂 , I decided to go with these 2 colors and they are Plum shine and Rum Riche.

From T to B : Back to Fuchsia, Rum Riche, Plum Shine

The Plum Shine lipstick is a sheer formulation of deep plum color and it also has some shimmer in it. I like the sheer colors because I use them for casual days out like to the mall or grocery shopping 🙂 . It just gives me a color on the lips and they stain the lips as well.

The Rum Riche is one of my favorite and it is a cream formulation without any shimmer in it. It is brown with orange tint in it and I like how they look and it somehow complements my skin tone 🙂 . I am using this one a lot when I go out 🙂 .

Wet N Wild Megalast Lipgloss

This is from the new Fergie collection and I got the color Back to Fuchsia. They are normally $2.99 but during the time they also had a $1 off coupon for this collection and so I decided to try them 🙂 .

As the name says, it is a bright fuchsia with a cream formulation  They are very opaque and I was quite surprised by the pigmentation as well. It is a little bit on the bright side for my skin tone and I am conscious of wearing it 😀 . This formulation reminds me of the NYX matte cream. So the tip to wearing it is that you have to first use lip scrub on it and then a mild lip balm, followed by this lipstick and they will look great. Maybe I just have to try other wearable colors and I would be fine with them 🙂 .


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