Review : Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream

Winter has been hard on my skin 😦 and it was time to change my moisturizer. The moisturizer I used was good for fall and summer but during winter I needed more creamy since my skin was starting to feel stretchy and was getting dry patches by afternoon. So then began the search for a good winter moisturizer. I researched in the internet and decided to get the Cetaphil cream since it had good review and also thought if it didn’t suit my face or give me break outs, I could use these as a body cream. I got them in Target for about $9.99 and I know that it’s a but expensive but look at the quantity, it’s about 16 oz and that’s a lot. I got them in December and have used it for nearly 3 months and I have finished only 25% of it.

The product comes in a tub and the consistency is very thick and creamy. So if you have an oily to combination skin, this might be not for you. It’s perfect for my dry skin and even my daughter uses this as her body cream and this works great on her dry skin as well. This cream hasn’t broken me out and my skin feels hydrated for a long time and I really like this product.

Overall, I think this product is totally worth it. I use this as my night cream and my skin feels good till my next wash. For the price and the amount of the product, I would definitely say go for it πŸ™‚ .


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